At the Cotton Club our philosophy is an important part of our business

We believe that everybody is entitled to a relaxing holiday and we are committed to make that happen. We keep our prices as economical as possible so that families are able to afford a proper holiday without worrying too much about the cost.

Cleanliness is of utmost importance to us as it is to you, our customers. Our villas and studios are cleaned by ourselves relying on no second parties. In this way we have the result that we want for our holidaymakers.

We like our clients to feel comfortable during their stay with us and privacy is a top priority to us. Each villa and studio has been placed so as not to encroach on the privacy of neighboring ones with the addition of greenery and orange trees in-between ensuring as much seclusion as possible.

Lastly, we hope that we will become friends with our clients during their stay with us. We are always available on site for any questions and love to sit and drink a glass of wine with our guests or spend the evening over our barbecue should you so wish.


Drepanou 113, Panagia Asini, Drepano
21100 Nafplion, Greece


Phone: +30 27520-59911
+30 27520-23109

Fax: +30 27520-59911


Please send us your ideas and suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.